About Blair Cedar

Blair Cedar and Novelty Works in Camdenton, Missouri is the world leader in the production of cedar souvenirs, novelties and gift products. The company began in 1930 as a one man operation when the late Mr. John H. Blair, after using hand tools to make cedar tables and chairs for his café, began turning out small souvenir items which he sold in the cafe.

Without realizing it, Mr. Blair’s hobby of making salt and pepper shakers was to grow into a factory which would become one of the oldest souvenir manufacturing companies in the United States today. Because of cedar’s distinctive aroma, Mr. Blair labeled his product “Cedaroma” – a name that became and remains the companies trademark to this date.

By the late 1940’s Mr. Blair’s younger sons, whose job had once been to sit on the cedar posts while their father carved products, now were involved in specific jobs throughout the plant. Over these past 80 years, a third generation of Blairs have continued the tradition of working at Blair Cedar and continue to help create, manufacture and sell Blair Cedar products to the souvenir and gift industry. Blair Cedar salesmen travel all over the United States calling on customers and selling our cedar products at gift shows throughout the nation.

The latest techniques in sawing, sanding, shaping, drilling and spraying are used. Cedar is heated in a dry kiln to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and takes from three to ten days to dry. Much research went into developing a special lacquer for spraying cedar. Souvenir stamping originally was hand written by Mrs. Blair, but now is accomplished by rubber-stamping or laser engraving. Designs have advanced from hand printing to printer’s press to silk screening, as well as computer-generated designs and laser engraved images.

Blair Cedar is proud to continue our tradition as an American manufacturer while providing jobs to our local community. We want to thank all past, current and future customers for supporting us and will continue to strive to bring you the best product at the best price, as we realize that, “We pack our future in every box!”